Ion-option-button vertically centered


I give up. Who has figured out how to center the buttons produced by ion-option-button? If it was a button element, it would be centered/middled by default. When your ion-item grows more than one line, it just looks awkward when it’s not centered.


if you mean the text of ion-option-button than use line-height.

i did this my list item is 85px hight:

#App .item-options .button {
  line-height: 85px;

if you dont know your list item height or its dynamic then i have to think about a new way :smiley:


The height changes depending on the content within. I’ve tried all kinds of solutions for this. The best one is to change ion-item-option-button to use a button element.


How come ion-option-button only supports text? I tried to put in an icon either via class or a styled sub-element, and none of them worked. Ironic how it’s called “button”. I’ll see what I can hack around with this.