How Do You Set the Height on a Button in Ionic2


We are working on a ADA version of an application for a client and they would like to have large buttons, and there doesn’t appear to be any clear documentation on how to set the height for a button in Ionic 2, I have tried setting the style/class but there must be something I am missing because it is not working.

Any assistance would be appreciated. Thanks

<button ion-button large>Large</button>

<button ion-button>Default</button>

<button ion-button small>Small</button>

Hope that helps aaron


I need a LARGE button… where the height is about 1/3 of the screen… app is for people with limited sight

i know i can roll my own, but then I lose all of the other benefits of the button styling


then create a class to use font size in css in order to increase button size. That should do the job.


you have to actually wrap the button in another element to get the height to work… see plunker

HOW TO MAKE A BIG BUTTON - Ionic 2.0.0-rc.2 - QuickStart