Some question about lib folder inside ionic


i keep working on my projects on ionic, but i have some doubt about the lib folder inside my projects…

my folder is like this :

------angular with (angular, angular-animate, angular-resource, angular-sanitize)
------angular-ui with ( angular-ui-router)
------ionic-angular (and min)
------ionic.bundle (and min)
------ionic (and min)

i gues i have made some mistake installing other angular via bower…

which is the version of angular that is supposed to better work with ionic? can i add (for ex angular-messages?) its correct to install it via bower? should i uninstall all angular 1.4.9 packages?


there is no need to install it on your own --> ionic brings everything it needs (with the correct angular, … versions)
look here:

there you can switch versions and look into each dependency.

or look here

the lib you posted are the only available for ionic?..i’ve read a tutorial about the form validation that require angular-messages i guess but is not listed above…does ionic provide a validation method?

thanks guys i really appreciate your help

it depends what you want to do with form validation. i make my form validation in most cases without angular-messages :wink:

look here:

the messages module is most used if you want a easy way to show error messages, but you can also check for each input field oder form if it is valid or invalid, dirty or pristine.

But if you want to use angular-message you need to load additional to ionic.

ive also noticed that ngCordova add other dependencies to lib folder such as angular angular-animate and others…is that normal?