[SOLVED] Bower does not include angular-resource

Hi everyone,

I have read multiple times that ionic comes bundled with a number of angular files even if theses are not actively used by the framework itself.

The CDN clearly states:

Not all of these files are required by Ionic, but they have been included here if you need them.

There was a previous topic that precisely mentioned this issue. But the answer confirms that the file is included into ionic. I swear I looked into my whole folder and I can’t find angular-resource.js

I know i can download the CDN version but my development workflow uses Bower so I would like to be able to just bower install and done.

Is the bower repo up to date ?

To precise:
When I install ionic beta 13 through bower it installs (which are listed in the ionic bower.json as dependencies)

  • angular
  • angular-sanitize
  • angular-ui-router
  • angular-animate
  • collide

But no angular-resources.
It would be great to keep in sync the CDN with the bower repo. So I know if I have to pull resources from elsewhere.

Well the CDN is just a short cut for online demos, such as codepens or plunkrs, were resources can be pulled in.

So if you needed angular resource for a codepen demo, such as the flicker codepen
We can just reference that from our cdn and not have to worry about doing something like http://rawgit.com/

Hope the clears things up a bit

Yes I do understand the use of the CDN. But in a real app senario (no codepen) where externals resources are needed, why some of them are included and some are not ?
In fact I just wanted to know why the ionic team decided to put angular-sanitize and not angular-resource for example in the bower repository.

My mad it was a stupid question of mine because it’s probably that Ionic needs one and not the other (as a dependency)
I just got confused as the CDN page states it was included but bower wasn’t including it.
For anyone to use angular-resource just
bower install angular-resource --save

Thanks for the clarification.