Some ionicons dosen't work after updated v1.0.0-beta. 11

Some ionicons dosen’t work after updated v1.0.0-beta. 11

I used v1.0.0-beta. 9 before.

I updated to beta. 11 about 1 week ago. After that, I cannot use some ionicons.

Here are ionicons that can use.

  • ion-android-book
  • ion-android-arrow-back
  • ion-android-search
  • ion-android-more
  • ion-navicon

Here are ionicons that can NOT use.

  • ion-eye
  • ion-home
  • ion-bookmark

source code

<div class="button-wrapper">
  <a class="button icon-left ion-android-book button-clear">sometext</a>
<div class="button-wrapper">
  <a class="button icon-left ion-bookmark button-clear">sometext</a>

the results

What can I do to fix the problem?

Thanks in advance.

Hmm, not sure what the issue could be, seems to work fine for me.

It seems that it does not work, isn’t it?

or just on my browser, it does not.


Do you mean the codepen? Thats a codepen issue.

OK. I realized that there are no more report about this issue. thanks for replying.

I’ll keep going to find what is the problem. :smile:

You can always do some remote inspection and see where the issue could be


same here. All ionicons dont’t work since the update.

 <..button class="button button-full ion-happy ...">