[SOLVED] What's the best way to add ngResource reference in ionic?

Hi all, I’m new to Ionic.

I saw that ngResource is not included anymore in the ionic bundle.
What’s the correct way to add it?

Using bower?

bower install angular-resource

Using npm?

npm install angular-resource

Other ways?

bower install angular-resource --save

npm would install only in node_modules which are used by build tools but not packaged into your app

BTW for some strange reason the angular-resource was gone.
I created a new app with a starter template and I found it again.

Found the problem.
Just as information, when an app is created with:

ionic start testapp blank

angular-resource is in: lib/ionic/js/angular
When ngCordova is added with:

bower install ngCordova

lib/ionic/js/angular is removed in favor of lib/angular, lib/angular-animate, lib/angular-sanitize, lib/angular-ui-router (but angular-resource is left out)