Help please: Troubles with ngResource

I’m trying to use ngResource in my project, but it seems it’s not loaded in /lib/ionic/

I’m injecting it in my services.js as angular.module('', ['ngResource'])
And was following an exemple, trying to load it from index.html with <script src="lib/ionic/js/angular/angular-resource.min.js"></script>. However, there is no /angular inside my lib/ionic/ directory…

How do I install it?

I did install angular-resource with bower and set a different path in the index.htm… I went through, but now I’m getting this error:

Uncaught TypeError: a.module(…).info is not a function
at angular-resource.min.js:6
at angular-resource.min.js:14

Any ideas?

it worked with a downgrade: bower install angular-resource@1.5.8