Ionic osx ventura iOS sim no inspectable applications

Just upgraded to osx ventura and testing with iOS sim I get No Inspectable Applications when selecting the iPhone simulator from the debug menu in Safari

Is it a Capacitor or Cordova app?
If it’s Cordova, make sure you are using cordova-ios 6.3.0 or newer.
If it’s Capacitor, make sure you are using @capacitor/ios 4.8.0 or newer (latest is 5.0.2)

I have the same issue with my new Ionic 7 capacitor app. I can’t see the app in the debug menu on a simulator or on my iPhone.

You will not see the debug menu on a simulator, it must be a physical device.

I’ve had this same issue last week. This is what i did to fix it:

  1. Update the latest safari tech preview (the docs does not mention this, you cannot use regular safari!).
  2. restart your computer.
  3. make sure to follow the steps to turn debug mode on.
  4. should work now.

Remember if it stops working again, its most likely you need to update Safari tech preview or uninstall and reinstall and also restart your machine.

Capacitor, upgraded to 5:

Could not build Objective-C module ‘Capacitor’ when building in Xcode to sim.


npc cap sync - thought it had done it in the build, but obviously not. Sorted.