Solved : Ionic 2 logo.png in manifest.json : no icon on desktop

Hi, I’m trying to build a webapp (was ons encha before).

Tell me if I’m right.

Just to have run ionic serve (buggy this time by the way, always have to ctrl+refresh to see the right view),

then upload my www folder (no specific command like ionic buil browser since ionic 2)

Thing is : I have no icon on my android dektop or ios dektop.

Just a blnk one despite of my logo.png in assets/imgs/logo.png

something missing in my index.html ?


Have you gone through the deploying section of the docs?

Yep, but I don’t want to deploy to ios or android, just web app and add to desktop : it worked, just added :

<link rel="shortcut icon" sizes="512x512" href="assets/img/logo.png">

if soemone is wondering why :wink: