Deploying a web app from "Ionic 2"

Hi there,

what is the status of being able to deploy an Ionic 2 app as a web-app for any browser?
I have a manifest json with:

  "name": "Ionic",
  "short_name": "Ionic",
  "start_url": "index.html",
  "display": "standalone",
  "icons": [{
    "src": "assets/imgs/logo.png",
    "sizes": "512x512",
    "type": "image/png"
  "background_color": "#4e8ef7",
  "theme_color": "#4e8ef7"

but if i try to open the index.html inside the “www” folder I get 404s for all my images.
it seems to be looking for the assets folder at relative …/…/ to index, even though the fonts inside assets load alright.
also i get a 404 for cordova.js ( expects it at …/ relative to index )
and in Safari i get a bunch of Exceptions when using “this.navCtrl.push” in a page.

is there any current guide on deploying for web?

thanks a bundle!

I don’t think manifest.json is relevant.

Check out ionic conference app and run it in any browser, should work out of the box, except for some CSS fixes. Follow the conference example.

you can by adding browser
ionic platform add browser
ionic build browser --prod --release

hmm, no.
i first did

ionic platform remove browser

just to make sure.

ionic platform add browser
ionic build browser --prod --release

and all is the same.
Which files are supposed to be working ?
the ones in platforms/browser/www?

there is als a “” in platforms/browser/build/ but it seems to be corrupted everytime … cannot unzip it.

any clues?

thanks a lot!

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