Icons not shown in new project in ionic


i just opened a new ionic 2 project and i don’t see the icons at all.

that’s what i see.
anyone know about this problem?


I get the same periodically. Most be something to do with the bundling.
It seems to help if I delete the www and temp folder


stop ionic serve and agian start it …using ionic serve (obvio) worked for me …even i am facing a lot of issues with ionic serve after RC0
check link here:


i did it, it’s not solve my problem


Try changing the path to IonIcons, bottom of variables.scss to …/assets/… instead of assets/…


i switched off my laptop …again started ionic serve after some time…tada !!! icons are back…
dont know whats going on


I’m having the same issue.
I have rebuilt the project a few times.
When I run
ionic start tutorial --v2
it works
however as soon as I add a provider
ionic g provider Data
it stops.
Looking at the console, it is failing to load the icons from localhost:8100/assests/fonts/ionicons.woff …

and looking in the build folder, there is no fonts folder within the assets folder. I don’t know why this is. I suspect that means that no matter how many times I shut down and rerun, I won’t get icons.
Not sure what the structure was like before I added the provider (too late to do it all again now, maybe someone else can try)



OK. I uninstalled and reinstalled the cli and ran a basic
ionic start MyProject tutorial --v2
And when I serve it- no icons.

Is anyone from the Ionic team looking at this?