Android: Title in ion-nav-bar blinks on view change

I have a problem with the title in ion-nav-bar on Android using beta14: Its blinks on.

I have a navbar with a constant title defined like this:

<ion-nav-bar class="bar-calm">
             My Title


It’s fine in IOS, but on Android blinks every time the view changes?

Any idea how I can change that?

Are you seeing this when you move the ion-nav-title into a ion-view instead of the navBar?


      <img src="logo.svg">
      Some super content here!

I initially had it under the ion-view – but inside ion-tabs.

I just tested a clean project using ionic start myApp tabs and its seems like there is some standard transition going on when the title changes – on Android only(served it up via ionic serve --lab and it clearly shows the difference between iOS and Android). Maybe it’s part of the Android look.

But to me it seems like the transition happens even if the title does not change on view change.

I am striving to have an Instragram-like app-wide title in the header-bar, which never changes throughout the whole app.