Not able to create app in ionic version 3.20.1 after uninstalling latest ionic 4 version

i had install ionic 3.20.1 from command line
npm install -g ionic@3.20 but after after installing ,while creating app it is keep downloading the file for hours and not creating project.

ionic made some changes so give “Yes” to it. They add cordova to run the script.
Eg : ionic cordova run android.

What happens if you select No on the Cordova prompt? You can still add Cordova later, no problem.
Run the same command with --verbose to maybe get more output.

By the way: There is 0 reason to use an old Ionic CLI. You can still create Ionic v3 projects with the most recent and best CLI.

I had given yes but it keep shows same as in screen

@960hrt hi , i have same an issue, do you solved it ? thx