[SOLVED]Blank screen after launched on device


Hi there,

I finished my app, or almost, everything seems okay on google chrome but when I test on my device with : cordova run android
The app starts and I stay stuck on a blank screen and that’s it. Nothing more.
My device is a Galaxy S5 with android 4.4.2.

Thank you for your help


Ok I have done some tests and it appears that AngularJS is not executed… Any ideas ?


Kind of hard to give you any help without some sort of errors, etc.


Since it’s andoird 4.4 you can remote debug with chrome and the ADB plugin. Check for any errors in your console, see whats being loaded, etc.


Oh my god ! Thank you so much !
I didn’t know that. I checked with this link https://developer.chrome.com/devtools/docs/remote-debugging
And I saw a lot of path erros :

Failed to load resource file:///lib/ionic/css/ionic.css
Failed to load resource file:///css/style.css
Failed to load resource file:///lib/ionic/js/ionic.bundle.js
Failed to load resource file:///js/app.js
Failed to load resource file:///js/services/mvProfile.js
Failed to load resource file:///js/services/mvNavBehavior.js
Failed to load resource file:///js/controllers/mvMainCtrl.js

Just a /