Android app failed to load resources

I did; ionic run android, and the build gets SUCCESSFULL but when i start the app on my mobile the screen stays black.

Ive looked on it with Chrome devtools (inpsect devices) and got i see alot of “failed to load resources”. It cant find the right URL pathway

ANYONE know how i can solve this issue?

the “uncought error” says:
You are using some plugins, that you do not add for your module. (missing dependencies)

module definition:
angular.module('myApp, [DEPENDENCIES]);

The other errors -> the “failed to load” files are not there, where there should be :wink:

The Uncought error im aware about.

But the “failed to load” you really didnt help me with at all to solve the problem. I understand that its placed wrong. Thx anyway

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Could you post your folder structur?


ahm the problem is windows - unix tranformation

in windows it is equal if you folders starts with uppercase
on unix system you have to create correct file and folder names -> most in lowercase

Edit: nice that someone is using sublime

Oh man… This helped. Now it works! Big thanks to you my man!

And yes, Sublime is the sh*t :frowning:

Have a nice day!

The sh*t is sublime
S - U - B - L- I - M - E … or something like that…^^

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