[SOLVED] Blank app with ionic serve after git clone


I have a working app (Ionic 2 Beta 7). I pushed to Github, then git cloned into a different folder.
Ran npm install andionic state restore. However, ionic serve still produces a blank app.
The only error message in Chrome’s dev tools is

http://localhost:8100/build/js/app.bundle.js Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found)

I have read topics here and on Github but haven’t managed to make it work.
Tried bower install & running cmd as admin, nothing.
For the record, everything is on C:\ drive, where Node is installed as well.

are there any errors - typescript or otherwise preventing the build? Perhaps you installed plugins in the original project without the --save flag and it’s erroring out due to a missing pluign?

Theres an error in the config


set that dependency in your package to 1.1.0 instead of ^1.1.0

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I did just fix that but it still gives a blank page (I only took the “^” out for ionic-gulp-browserify-typescript. Should I do it for everything?)

Give a look to the build log. It looks fine but the thing still doesn’t work… -_-


Also, here’s the Chrome window. Dev tools shows that basically no app sources are loaded :confused:

Turns out you need to remove the “^” and re-run npm install.
(I had only ran it in the beginning).

Similar issue here:

Yes. With every change to package.json you should run npm install, because otherwise it doesn’t affect anything. I could’ve stated that :slight_smile: Good you figured out!

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Thanks for contributing :slight_smile:
Shouldn’t this be found as a known issue somewhere?

From my experience, the Ionic crew is always trying hard to keep everything up to date. Which is quite hard in these times (of rapid developments). It’ll be okay

Sure, definitely. Just made me wonder for a while why no cloned gits were working :smile:
Thanks again!

It’s about the journey, not the destination :wink:

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