SocialSharing Plugin


I just want to make sure that is it possible to share on social media platforms(FB, TW, etc) without showing the share dialog box to the user???

Its like, when the user clicks on submit button, the content should share on the given social media pages but without showing the share dialog box to the user???

any help would be appreciated.


Check all the methods:

Hi @moeednisar , did you manage to find out any solutions for this? I’m trying to share the content to all given social platform without showing any dialog box. I had tested all the methods in the link share by @jonmikelm but seems like all will show dialog box. Please kindly give advice to me on this. Thanks.

I’m also looking for this automated posting plus I’d like to share content to a page (facebook page manager). Seems impossible with this SocialSharing Pluign. Any info regarding this will be appreciated.

Hey MOeednisar you have any issues sharing images been coming up short. the text displays fine just the image not loading in the parameteres

did you found a solution ?
can you share it with us ?

yes i had to save the file this.lastFilePath

this.lastFilePath = params.get(‘filePath’);

used nav.param to past the image to filepath variable

Im beginner in ionic and have question:

coud i have to write this in the camera controller or in the
SocialSharing controller ? like this

$scope.shareViaTwitter2 = function() {
$cordovaSocialSharing.shareViaTwitter(“Bonn Beethovensstadt” , this.lastFilePath, null);

thank you