Social Sharing plugin as a service

Hello ,
I’m trying to install a Social Sharing plugin and use it as a injectable service , for example here’s my html code


<ion-card *ngFor=“let a of airdrops”>

<img src="{{ a.img }}" />

<ion-row no-padding>
    <button clear small dark>
      <ion-icon name='star'></ion-icon>
  <ion-col text-center>
  <ion-col text-right>
    <button clear small dark>
      <ion-icon name='share-alt'>

how can I share the {{a.img}} ??

any idea or sample code , please


that’s for ionic 1 , i need for ionic 2.
i need a way to implement the plugin as a injectable service .


you need , you need. But change the code and use it for Ionic 2 you can’t…

be happy:

import {SocialSharing} from 'ionic-native';
public shareTo(): void {
  var options = {
    message: 'The easy and pretty code provided by xr0master',
    subject: 'It works',
    url: '',
    chooserTitle: 'Share via...'


Thanks , going to try that.