How to share Both custom image and link in Facebook Using SocialSharing in ionic2?
pls, help me .

Share text, files, images, and links via social networks, sms, and email. These methods can text a message , a file and a url as arguments

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Thanks, but i used shareViaFacebook(message, image, url)
like that =>

public message : string = ‘Exampless with free calls and messages’;
public title : string = ‘Examples’;
public image : string= ‘’;
public uri : string|= ‘’;

this.socialSharing.shareViaFacebook(this.message, this.image, this.uri)
.then((data) =>
console.log(‘Shared via Facebook’);
this.presentToast(“Shared via Facebook!”)
.catch((err) =>
console.log(‘Was not shared via Facebook’);
this.presentToast(“Was not shared via Facebook!”)

i insert both image and link, but show only image in facebook . what wrong?