So many Caps!

So… In the Login+Tabs CodePen example, the iOS keyboard is Caps for the username field when the code gets run in the iOS simulator and the Ionic View app. That’s kinda bad, specially since we usually write emails as small caps (and so I’m facing the problem that if the user doesn’t fix the Caps, my app breaks).

Is there a sweet fix for this or will we just have to raise this issue with the Ionic devs?

I know it’s Javascipt and all that jazz, but please don’t give a post-typing solution (like, run a function that converts the text to lowercase) since we’re not building a web app. If there’s something that I can do with the Ionic Keyboard, I’d love to know…

Thanks :smile:

Hey @nitinkhanna, try adding this to the input box:

<input autocapitalize="off">

That should disable the auto capitalization on the username field :slight_smile:

Wow, perfect! Thanks a ton!

While I have you here, what’s the secret to getting the GO keyboard on the password field, such that when I am on that field, I enter the password, press Go on the keyboard and the form gets submitted (Ok, this sounds like a silly HTML question now)?

For form submittal, it should Just Submit. However, a nice trick with angular is to use ng-submit, like this:

<form ng-submit="sendData()">
  <input type="text" ng-model="user.username">

Hmmm… Actually, I’m using


with a button, as the following code… (this is from the original codepen)

<div class="padding">
    <button class="button button-block button-positive" ng-click="signIn(user)">

I’ll see how to work with both…

Thanks! :smile: