Minor glitch with ion-slides?

I’m using:

<ion-slides pager>

as the start page for my app; pretty much exactly out of the documentation, with four slides from a list.

There’s a weird glitch, where, when the app starts, only the first slide is available. Only one dot appears on the bottom of the screen. The other slides appear to be there, if I try to slide right to them, I can just see the start of the slide, but the app does not allow me to transition. Now, all it takes is to resize the screen in even a minor way (e.g. even changing orientation on the device works), and the slider shows all four dots on the screen and starts to work fine. It happens on the browser platform, simulator and device as well. Is this a bug in the framework or something I’m missing in the code. I don’t see any compilation errors or anything unusual.

Having the same issue here.

It is indeed an issue, and a workaround is posted here: