Ion slides not working properly on Android

HI all, I have made a basic full page slides as below, however, it doesn’t work well in Android, especially when it open second times, the bottom bullets will only remains one and can’t slide. May I know do anyone have idea how to solve? many thanks.

Can you post a codepen or post some code ? I have seen the swiper becomes very slow after 20-30 slides but never seen it not work when opened second time

Try to use $ionicSlideBoxDelegate.update(); after all slides finished loading

Seems ionic 2 beta don’t have $ionicSlideBoxDelegate.update(); ?

I just used the example provided by official :

But sometimes it can’t work in Android, the bottom bullets will become one from four for example and can’t slide then.

Has anyone been able to figure out the android issues with the bottom bullets. I have three slides and it only will show one bullet. I have to turn the phone on landscape to slide.

It is a known issue that appeared in beta 10.

The issue has been recently fixed, but you will have to wait the release of beta 11 (or just use a nightly build).


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