Ion-slide-box huge amount of slides

Hey guys,

i have a huge amount of slides, which im trying to display in an ion-slide-box. The problem of course is performance…which im trying to improve with using one of the following to approaches:

  1. First one is zarkos implementation of an endless circular slide-box:
  • Which is a great idea at all but doesn’t fit my needs, because i dont need a circular implementation, after reaching the first or last one, there must not be a circular behaviour.
  • Its somehow working when using $ionicSlideBoxDelegate.$getByHandle(‘slideshow-slidebox’)._instances[0].loop(false);, but only if you are at the head or tail slide by accident.
  • So im stuck :frowning:…any ideas?
  1. Second one is dynamically adding/removing slides, while sliding. So i start with 2 slides. After sliding from slide 1 to 2, im pushing a new slide (3) to the slides array, which is working great.
  • but (!) i dont want only to add new ones, i want to remove old ones too. So if im trying to remove the first (1) one, after pushing a third (3) one and beeing on the second (2) one, i have to use the $ionicSlideBoxDelegate.update() method within a timeout function.
  • After the update function gets triggered, im not on second (2) one anymore, it changes the focus to the earlier created third (3) one???
  • small exmaple here:
  • How can this even be? Any ideas?

Any help is really appreciated!


No one who can help?