Slidebox (nightly) with cards


I have been messing with cards within a slide box and have some issues / questions.
I have created this to demonstrate

I am not too sure how I should be using ion-content which may be causing issues, but:

  • why are the cars covering H1?
  • is there a way to get the ion-slide-pager dots right under the (longest) card?
  • the DIV after the ion-slide-box is getting covered too

I guess I need some some of container with defined height to put the ion-slide-box into??


I am having the same issue as well with the nightly - are there any suggestions for how to have a slide box within an ion-content with cards?


The current nightly has gone through a big code-change to support Angular 1.3, there is still a lot of debug going on and (probably) there are some issues with slide-box.

Check this topic to update with the current developments of the (soon to be) beta-14:


@Vargash Thanks for heads-up, will take a look