Slide box with top (sliding) navigation bar


I’m creating an app in which users can create multiple profiles (1…n), they can swipe through these profiles and see a list of matches on that profile.
I plan to use the slide box to navigate between the different profiles.

But i also want to add a top navigation bar in which users can quickly select another profile,

or swipe to the end of the list and add a new one.

I am however at a loss which component is best suited for such functionality, does anyone has any experience with this kind of functionality and can point me in the right direction?

I’m more then happy to make it in a reusable component so others can use it as well.


something like this:

the slidebox gives you everything you need --> swipeable and with the$ionicSlideBoxDelegate/
you can implement an own slide-indicator to be able to slide via click on a button to a specific slide and so on

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Yes, thank you!
I first thought the tabs didn’t ‘slide’ for navigation but I see that’s an option as well.
Should work perfectly