Is it possible to use slide-box to switch between tabs?

Is it possible to use slide box with the tab structure, so that you can swipe and it will change to the tab on the right if you swipe right to left?


I guess as there is no reply, this is not yet implemented. It would be a nice feature to have in a future version maybe :smile:

I would like to know if this is posible. Would be great.

I have created a component for this for this question: I need a new Component! (Challenge?).

Git and Demo here. Hope this helps you.


Thats just amazing! thank you @saravcts!

That is awesome!

One note, that you may or may not care about - when I switched orientation from portrait to landscape (and vice versa), the pointer is off until you slide again.

Hi! This component is just amazing… But I have a cuestion, I have issue… I want to access to some slide from another view… something like a link when I click it … show me the slide that I want @saravcts