Slide Box is deprecated - CLOSED - big thanks to Ionic Team!

Hi everyone.

In Docs it’s said, that ion-slide-box is deprecated and new ion-slides component is coming. Emm, when is it coming? And what would you recommend to use for a slider as for now?

Thank you.

UPDATE: hmm, what’s the difference between sliders on those two pages, both from Docs

I do use ion-slides from this site…

hmm, it said that it uses ion-slide-box directive… which was deprecated…(?) Am I missing something here?)

i think there is no error or problem if you use ion slide box…

so you think it’s future safe to use it, right? ok. thank you! 8)

i don’t know really, hope someone from the ionic team clarify this…

Slide is in a pseudo-depreciated state.

We back-ported our V2 slider to V1

It is documented it here.

So using ion-slides and ion-slide-page is future safe, yep? Thanks a lot!