Ion Slides [options] is deprecated



I’m using ion-slides in ionic 2 and when i use the [options] tag in the Element
it keeps telling me “ion-slides “options” has been deprecated. Please use ion-slide’s input properties instead.”

i can’t figure out why it won’t work
need help


Hi, can you show your code so someone can see what might be wrong and support you.


Hi @Chabane_lo ,
there are a breaking change in RC5. Is this your version?

Take a look at SlidesAPI docs.

I’m using slides like this:

RC5 Slider options not working

I’ve seen it too ! they changed the whole documentation of ion slides but the website wasn’t updated yet so thats why i was so confused thanks anyway


Yeah. This breaking change was not documented (or still is) very well.

It’s one paragraph and the documentation website doesn’t show a single example on how to it now.