Slide-box inside ion-list: In Beta 13 VS nightly


So I’m using slide-boxes inside an ion-list to make ion-items that have three slides each. Im using ion-list to make use of the reorder and delete functionality.

Its works very well but I tried out the nightly build to get rid of the can’t scroll on slide-box bug for Android I read about and to get better performance. I can see the better performance but there are some big changes that mess up everything. The height is no longer dynamic and the slide box is taking up the whole space of the ion-item putting itself over other elements, hiding them. And its not changing height when i show or hide stuff in the slider with ng-show.
I can’t figure this out, what am I doing wrong and what should i do to get my layout back. Please see the screenshots and the plunker to see what I’m talking about.

Beta 13



Thank you in advance


I have tried out v1.0.0-beta.13-nightly-540, the last release before the slide-box refactoring. That version works the same as the Beta 13 does. I just need to know if this is a bug or if its supposed to work that way in the future…


Could someone please comment on this, Works as designed or bug/not done.


I left a reply on github.


This is now solved in the latest nightly build. Thank you for that!