Scroll is not working in slide box on list


I have used slide box in my project.On one page i have implemented list view.
issue is that i want to apply scroll view on list. i have tried using both content and ion-content tag, but still its not working.

can anyone tell me which thing i am missing?

Thanks in advance.


So you basically want to have a ion-scroll inside of a ion-slide?








I’ve used this before and the only issue I had was any touch events on the items themselves (slide to reveal more options), the should should woe though. Do you mind posting a codepen as a sample?


@mhartington yes i was expecting same thing and i got the solution of this thing in the ionic demos.There you will find page named as SlideBox.html,through that page i fixed my problem.

Thanks for your quick response.


Glad you were able to resolve your issue. Do you mind sharing what the problem was? In case any other users have the same problem then they could use this as a reference.