Single sign on (SSO) for Capacitor App

I want to use SSO in my Capacitor App for iOS specific but unable to find any plugin which can do so or any iOS Swift specific code which can do that.
One feature named “ion-auth-connect” but not sure that can be used in plain capacitor app without ionic-cli .
Please suggest any way to do so as i need to do authentication outside the Capacitor & get the result back to Capacitor default running webview

Auth Connect doesn’t require the Ionic CLI, you can use it inside of a Capacitor application that isn’t using Ionic at all. It’s probably your best bet since it supports several SSO options.

However, if you don’t have Ionic Enterprise, there are a ton of different SSO providers so it really depends on what provider you go with. Auth0 has a quickstart guide for Capacitor & React if you use them as your SSO provider and I’m sure other providers have similar tutorials/libraries.

Okay @thomasvidas thanks for your reply. I can use Auth Connect without ionic CLI.
Apart from Auth0, you know any other storage which support’s Capacitor Officially like Azure ?

Hii @thomasvidas , as we have purchased the trail version of Auth Connect enterprise version & need to so setup in Plain Capacitor App but inside ionicframework Dashboard, they are asking for ionic/cli for Auth Connect installation, can you please guide us how to use it without @ionic/cli as we also want to register the Native key.

I need to run ionic enterprise register inside an Capacitor App but it is asking for ionic App only

If you have Ionic Enterprise, the best way to get help with Auth Connect and any other enterprise-related issues is to submit a support ticket. They’ll be able to help you with more specific issues than I can :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

When filling out the ticket be sure to set “Which topic are you contacting us about?” to Auth Connect and “Mobile Integration” to Capacitor.

Okay sure, got the resolution thanks