Basic Ionic Angular Authentication

I cannot find any information about authentication options that doesn’t involve Auth Connect. For those of us that cannot afford the five figures it costs for auth connect and only need basic authentication that will work on android, ios and web what are our options? Is it the same as authenticating a regular Angular App?

Have you considered Firebase? It provides common OAuth providers out of the box. And has a generous free tier?

Besiders many other options that you can consider - like own server setup etc?

Hoping others chip in …

Can you explain your use case as well as things you explored?

We are already using Azure. We would be unable to change clouds at this time. Our backend is ASP.NET 5 WebAPI. We have studied the option of using AD B2C and haven’t dismissed the idea but it seems overkill.
All I need is a basic auth solution no SSO and we may need 2factor in the future. I understand Auth from a web app point of view but I am unfamiliar with what it takes to do auth on mobile. I read past posts about using ionic cordova plugins but then found that the plugins are dead.

not sure about your appetite to do iOS/Android development, but the alternative is to deploy as Capacitor and then use the natives SDK to create your own wrapper/plugin?

There are also community plugins

→ has authentication plugins

I can’t think of any reason to involve native plugins here. Whatever language your application server is written in, there is probably a JWT library for it. 95% of the work involved in authentication is on the server side: all the client side has to know how to do is (a) formulate a login request (the format of which is up to you), (b) receive and hang onto a token string, © add it to every appropriate outgoing HTTP request, and (d) go back to (a) if the token expires.

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