Silo App: cordova, side menu, db sync, multilanguage, markdown, gmaps

i’m developing this app:

since it’s a free app dedicated to this argentinean writer (Silo), with the aim to share his writings, i’m sharing all source code.

also because i’m learning a lot from others, so i want to give back everything

it is still at early stages, but i’m committing something everyday

right now it has:

  1. side-menu (which stays open on tablets)
  2. multilanguage by angular-translator
  3. db sync (json from server… right now only local json

i’m developing
4) google maps for locations
5) render on the fly markdown files, with readibility features (zoom, dark theme)


for maps, where do you go to learn how to implement it.

@rdtran just search for "angularjs google maps"
you’ll find lots of docs…

from today i’m uploading a live preview of the development to this page
(i use iframes inside some nice frames to show the app)
not everything works perfectly (like the scrollviews), but it’s a nice way to show in-progress work!

please feel free to comment


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I like it a lot, looks really good. The translations are a nice touch too. Only comment I can think of is the animation as you switch between views from the side menu. Have you tried it without animation?

thanks! yes i see something strange with the sliding animations / sidemenu…
i reactivated it just to see if it can be optimized someway…

and now that i activated also the right sidebar (inside a book) things are getting more difficult :slight_smile:

Great job! Congrats!

Thank you! Saved me lots of time…
Now I want to integrate a line graph within a canvas element on a page. But I’m always getting " TypeError: Cannot call method ‘getContext’ of null ". It seems that the problem is that Chart.js is loaded before the canvas-element (I’m loading it in the index.html).
Is there a opportunity to load after the canvas-element on a page or another way to get this work? (loading it in the end of the graphside.html, which should contain the graph it even doesn’t work at all.)

Thank you very much so far!

@basti: i’d suggest you to open a separate new thread for this issue!

Thanks alot! I hope the ionic team compiles a list of projects like this so other beginners can learn from the source code. I myself plan to release a todo app with a firebase backend as an example app.

very nice stack
I am interested to know your approach for smarphone / tablet automatic tempalte switching


Wo,great job! I am learning…

Hello Krur,

Concerning your choice : DB LOCAL JSON.

For the example you did implement it on the local device but your target is JSON from server through a Rest API ?
I red that localstorage is limited with 5MB max.

Thx for your job.
I hope You learnd so far from the time you started your project.

Keep on going. great job :slight_smile: