Demo application MyPhotoDiary


I’ve done this demo application using ionic and cordova and you can find the source code on github:


I’m new to javascript and angular so if you find something wrong in the code just let me know and I’ll try to fix it.

Post captured picture to second view

Awesome job, thanks for sharing


Thanks for Ionic :slight_smile:

It’s a project for University, now I have to write the “same” application in a native way (Java on Android) and compare performances. So if you think I can do something to speed up the hybrid app let me now.


just a small update, now the “native” application is open source and you can find it here:


And then tell us which one is the fastest :slight_smile:


Nice App!
If you want to improve the hybrid app, I recommend you this nice article:

I just switched my google maps to the bing map and the gain in performance is huge!