Sign up for our Trusted Partner Program

We’re continuing to build out our Trusted Partner Program, through which we refer companies/individuals in need of Ionic developer help to freelance developers and companies with Ionic expertise.

If you or your company specializes in building Ionic apps, fill out this form to be vetted for the Trusted Partner program. Once we’ve reviewed your portfolio and talked with you, we’ll refer clients to you. Please note that many clients prefer to work with developers/companies in their home country or local area, so if you don’t hear from us, it’s because we haven’t had a request for someone in your area yet.

We will contact you to begin the vetting process, so there’s no need to follow up once you’ve submitted your information. Thanks!


Is this still something Drifty are interested in? Are you still open to new sign ups?

Hey @katiegv,

nice to read this!
Do you plan something like a certificate or a badge that e.g. my company may put on the website like “Trusted Ionic Partner” ?

Thanks in advance,


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We do! It’s a great idea! @Ben is working on it!

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We’re definitely open to new sign-ups. Thanks!


It would be nice if you inform us, when the certificat stuff is ready or there are new/more details about it.
Our markting is digging into our trusted partner subscription in next days :slight_smile: .

Have a nice weekend.


Hi @katiegv,

before some time we got information from Max about an Web-Page with a list of all Trusted Partners.
So that customers can search for partners.
Is something like that in plan?


Right now, we’re mostly working with companies one-on-one to find a trusted partner to meet their needs, but we may take your suggestion and do something more searchable in the future. Thank you for asking!

Yes, we’re still vetting our developers–it’s a slow and detailed process. Keep me posted if you have questions!

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This is very interesting…how do I learn more?

Hi @katiegv still it is opend…
if there please inform me…

thanx !!! share with us more


I submitted a request for the Trusted Partner Program last month and would like to know if there is anything else needed and where can I get a follow up or feedback on the request.

Thank you very much.