App partner needed with Ionic expertise


First things first, I understand the very real challenge of making money off an app is a challenge. This is essentially a B2B app with general users as the customer.

I have a background in design and live in the US.
I am not a developer, but I do have an MVP I was able to get launched. It’s on iTunes and Google Play, Passel. It may need to be converted from Ionic 3 to 4. Ideally I am looking for someone with full stack experience. I am looking for a professional with good communication skills, (strong understanding of the English language as unfortunately I do not speak any other languages) and work ethic. Preferably someone who has multiple apps under their belt. We can discuss compensation as well as how I see monetizing Passel once we get to talk.

I am 36. I have worked for 2 major US companies. I am a hard worker and very driven to see projects through to the end. I’m leyendecker1874 on Skype

Hello @leyendecker1874

I just added you on skype. Looking forward to talk with you soon.

Manish Mittal


I can help in this.

You can reach me on Skype: cis.am4 or Email: so that we can discuss this further.


I am an experinced developer and have worked on some complex apps built on Ionic in the past.
I would be interested in hearing more about what you are wanting.
Feel free to reach out to me on
Best Wishes,

Have skyped you, am also 36, what are the chances? … :slight_smile: