Looking for Ionic Developer Partner on Startup

We have an existing product. ImbibeNOW listed on both app stores. If you check it out, note its local based and currently only operating in Grand Rapids, MI as far as content goes. There’s two people so far, myself a developer and my partner who is the business/sales side of things.

We’ve had a couple thousand in revenue, so we know there is a market for what we are doing. However, our user retention has been pretty poor, so we are looking at doing a pretty big pivot. Even planning on rebranding the app. We have a plan, but would like to grow the team before solidifying our path forward. Get some additional ideas and buy in first.

We’ve recruited a third person and are looking for a forth. 3 developers, 1 bussiness person. Just so everyone is commit ed and because it could potentially amount to a rewrite, we are going to split equity in the business 25% each.

Tech stack is Ionic for the app of course, and an api built with .net and mongodb. There’s also a portal for managing content built as an SPA with Angular.

Looking to add someone to the team with good familiarity with Ionic at least. Experience with .net ,mongodb, or SPA websites would also be a big plus. We’ve all got full time jobs, so its a side project right now for sure. Just looking for someone who can commit a chunk of their free time every week to help grow the app. We believe there’s tons of opportunity for growth in the future.

If you interested or have questions, please send us an email at info@bitestarter.com

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