page without tabs, then once signed-in tabs show

This demo shows that an entire app does not have to be in tabs and can be used later by other views. But at the same time, only one set of tabs needs to be written for each view that should be inside a tab:

Updated link:

Old link:


That is a very nice demo, quite useful. Thanks !

Cool demo, thanks! Do you know a way do hide the nav bar as well? I’m looking for a solution where my login page is a fullscreen view and after login/registry, tabs and nav-bar are shown. thanks in advance.

This demo is no longer available on code pen

Seems to be the new link


How work with sidemenu?

Pen not available :confused:

New link

it’s not working any more… :frowning:

@ by arman ilyassov
This is how you can test the code from the codepen link:

  1. Download Brackets(it have live preview)
    1a. in terminal type:
    $npm install -g cordova ionic (skip if you got node.js already)
    $ionic start myApp tabs

Now you should have all the template files, then go inside myApp folder
2. Copy everything from html section(inside the codepen code) to index.htm
3. Copy everything from js section(inside the codepen code) to js/app.js (app.js inside the js folder)
4. Replace link in line 8 in index.html with this link:
5. Replace link in line 9 in index.html with this link:
6. After that add this line(inside index.html):

<script src="js/app.js"></script>

Now you can click live preview or you can directly build .apk file

$ionic platform add android
$ionic build android
$ionic emulate android

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Suppose I want to show three tab on sign-in page , one of the tab has list of item , on click over item anyone then all tab should be replace by them and special thing is all tab replace by new three tab and should have common back button to go back on list of item. is this thing possible to do , I am trying that but didn’t get.
Can you please provide regarding that.


In the codepen, press “sign in”, “about”, “sign-out” and repeat. The
templates will begin to slide in from left or right in a weird fashion
after a while.

I’m partly using this example and this sliding is having a negative impact on my app. Any way to remove it?

EDIT: Solved by using
in the logout function.

Sorry for up but how about do this with Ionic 2 ?

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@MrWhite Have you find any way to do this?

Basically I only have a first sign in page which after a click on connect button open my page with sandwich menu.

Nothing special after all …
Your app has to start up on your signin page and then this page will push the menu page
I don’t know if it is a propper way but it works like a charm.

Ask again if it’s not clear

ok, thank you :slight_smile: