Login/Signup Screens


Hello, I am very new to ionic and I am loving it so far. I have a question on different looking screens. I will basically have two screens (login/signup) without a tab bar and the rest will. How can I have two different views? Thank you in advanced.



That exact problem is something I’m tackling right now. Hang tight!


Had the same issue. A quick workaround: add an ng-show to your div containing the tabs in your main.html:

<div class="tabs tabs-global tabs-icon-top" ng-show="pathisnotlogin">
    <a class="tab-item" href="#/vinibar">
        <i class="icon ion-home"></i>

And then, in your app’s main controller, watch for a route change and update the $scope.pathisnotlogin to true when you are not in these two views:

.controller('MainCtrl', function($scope, , $route, $location) {
$scope.$on('$routeChangeSuccess', function() {
    var path = $location.path();
    $scope.pathisnotlogin = true;
    if(path === '/login') {
       $scope.pathisnotlogin = false;
    } else {
       $scope.pathisnotlogin = true;


Has anyone found a solution for this yet?

I’m currently battling with the side menu. While my login page doesn’t have one all other pages have a side menu.

I guess I could just display nothing in the side menu but I would prefer to have no side menu at all until a successful login.


I put together a demo here that may help:


Wow, that’s great Adam. Thank you so much.

I thought it might come down to using an abstract state.

I think that’s certainly a good option for the tabs but it doesn’t feel right for me when it comes to the side menu.


Have you come across this side menu demo yet?


The Link don’t work.


http://codepen.io/ionic/public-list : You can go through all these samples for different ideas.