Login-page then menu-with-tabs


Hello all! I’ve been building an app since last spring and have not been able to figure this out at all. So here goes.

I want a few login pages without a menu (login, sign-up, forgot password, etc). These “login” pages will be outside of my abstract routes. Once I login, I want the menu to be displayed on every page with its own navigation history (currently the back buttons are hardcoded). I would also like tabs at the bottom with their own navigation history (back buttons are also hardcoded in my tabs). I have created a workaround for this but have not been able to do it in a “proper way” without having to hardcode in backbuttons.

There are around 20 files in my project, and don’t know how to include such a large project in CodePen. So, I have included the github repo and the heroku link so you can test out the app. Please, let me know the proper way of handling this, its been on my mind for months… Thanks!

Github Repo: https://github.com/jcalderaio/IonicTest.git

Heroku App Host: https://agile-river-2383.herokuapp.com/#/welcome