Side menu with no scrolling doesn't display the list items in iOS/Safari

In the ionic sidemenu demo app, and also any ionic app that has a side menu, when I specify the ion-content, that contains the list items, scroll=“false”, the side menu list items will not show up when viewed on iOS Safari. No errors in the console.

Is this a bug or am I not using the right method to disable the scrolling in the side menu?

You can use this code pen to try it out: using Safari web browser, find the ion-content tag and add scroll=“false”, hit shift-cmd-5 to re-run the code. You’ll see the side menu list items disappear.

Thanks for any help on this.

Do you mean when you deploy it to an iOS device? If so I get the same thing but the side menu is actually there - it’s just that the text is white!

Yes, it’s white both in Safari on the Mac and in ionic app. It shouldn’t be white with scroll disabled. I have styled it correctly when it’s scrollable… I haven’t had to and shouldn’t need to restyle anything else that I have made unscrollable in ionic-content.