Scrollable list in Side Menu not working properly

I have created a left side menu in my app and added a list to it that extends beyonds the bounds of the screen (too many items in the list). I have wrapped the list items in an ion-scroll tag which does create a scrollable list but the scrolling functionality only allows me to very briefly scroll the existing list items that are already shown. I can’t scroll down to the items that are off screen. The scroll functionality seems to work fine in the main content area but not in a side menu. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

For this, you should use an ion-content instead of ion-scroll.

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Thanks so much for the quick response. That worked perfectly.

I do have one other question though. In the documentation pages of the Ionic Framework website the “CSS” documentation sections show basic HTML tags being modified via classes (e.g. <ul class="list">) yet the “Javascript” documentation sections show custom Ionic framework tags (e.g. <ion-list>) in the examples. Is there a benefit to using one over the other in terms of performance or functionality?

There maybe some performance improvements, but it won’t be anything to crazy
Using the directives implies that you need some sort of functionality (PTR, infinite-scroll, etc)
If you just need some styling, use the css