Side menu with navigation

Hey all,

I’m new with coding in Angular and Ionic in general - great framework by the way. I’m trying to build something where:

  1. the first screen isn’t part of a navigation controller. ie: it’s a login/signup screen and after user logs in, he cannot go back to it unless he logs out, or if he’s already logged in, that screen shouldn’t show up at all. Similar to the Facebook app.
  2. when the user logs in, the following screens will be part of a navigation controller.
  3. a side menu should show up on that second screen and so on.

What’s the best approach for archiving that scenario?

On my index.html file, I have the following:

    <nav-bar type="bar-positive" 


And all my screens are initialized like:

<view left-buttons="leftButtons" right-buttons="rightButtons">
  <content has-header="true" padding="false" scroll="true">

I know this isn’t the correct way because it will make the first screen part of the navigation controller but I’m not aware of a proper code structure for what I want.

Also if there is a sample app showing something similar what I want to accomplish it would be awesome!

Thanks in advance for any help.

You should check out ionics codepen page, they have a nice demo with a login page and then a different view once logged in. The logic is there and then you can adapted the views to fit what you want. Heres the demo

Thank you so much, that helped me a lot!