How to create a side nav after user logged in

Hi, I’m an Android Developer, trying to make an Ionic2 project. I have use case that is general where the user is presented with a login screen after user logged in user should be presented with a screen with a sidenav with different options. I believe this is pretty straight forward, I have done a sample which shows a blank screen on login.
When I create a sidenav template the homepage comes with side nav which is not I wanted, after the user logged in user should be moved to side nav page.
Can anyone please tell me how to do this.

GITHub link :


You don’t “Create After login”, sideMenu will always be there, what you need to do, is to disable it only on login screen, by doing:, 'sideMenu'); on your Login Controller.

Where "sideMenu" is the id of your menu that you give to it on app.html file.

@saademotion_dev, really appreciate for the reply. As I’m Android dev and generally we do create a screen with Login controls and another screen with sidemenu. When the user successfully logged in app moves to the next screen. So I developed the samy way. Anyways thanks for the hit.