Side menu with back button and nav-clear issue

Hello everyone,

I’m trying to create a side menu to access to the main sections of the app (first level) and inside those sections there would be other nested sub-sections (second and subsequent levels, not available through the side menu).
Obviously I only want the ion-nav-back-button to be visible when navigating in the nested sections, so I set the nav-clear directive in al links of the side menu (first level of navigation).

The problem is when I click on the “home” option of the side menu and then to any one, the back button appears, even though the nav-clear directive.
Here’s an example which reproduces the issue:

Is it the normal behavior? Is there something wrong in my code?.

Thank you beforehand.

Hi, you can use $ionicViewService to tell your controllers what happens on your next view.

Inject $ionicViewService on your controller and put

  disableBack: true

This will cause your next page to not have back button.
I think anyways that pressing the android back button would get you back, but you can override the default behaviour of your back button to prevent that.


Thanks for the suggestion.
Nevertheless my question is regarding how is possible that the “back” button is displayed after pressing on a button / link that has the nav-clear directive.

Nobody experienced this issue?

Very new to this framework. However, I notice you have the ‘nav-clear’ directive in the anchor tag <a> inside of your <ion-item> parent. The apps I have created off the side-menu template have the nav-clear directive applied to the parent <ion-item> before the menu-close directive. Perhaps this would address your issue?

No luck, I still see the same issue.
Thank you anyway!.