Weird ion-side-menu behaviour when using back button

I’m seeing some weird behaviour when using the browser / device back button in combination with the ion-side-menu directive.

If I click a menu item containing the menu-close directive, the page navigates to the new view without showing a back button, as expected. If I then click the back button on my browser or navigate back using my devices back button, the previous view is shown, as expected. However, there is now a back button visible in my header bar. When clicking this back button, it navigates back to the previous page that we just came back from. Like a forward button.

This has an even worse side effect where the side menu can no longer be shown when swiping the view. This is due to the default enable-menu-with-back-views behaviour.

A device back button is not available on iOS so this won’t be an issue on that environment however on Android, this will be a problem as users will expect to be able to navigate back to the previous views using their devices back button.

You can see the example code that I’m using via the following link. Is there something wrong with the way this is implemented? Is this behaviour expected?


Hi @miles - did you ever find a fix to this? I’m seeing something similar in Ionic 3.