Side Menu + Tabs starter for Ionic?

I have seen the new SideMenu + Tabs starter for Ionic 1.

Is there a version of that starter available for Ionic 2?

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Try starting from “ionic start MyIonic2Project tutorial --v2 --ts”

tutorial template is only Tabs- There is no Side Menu.

tones411, Sidemenu and tabs starters are available for Ionic 2.

Sidemenu starter: Didn’t manage to make it work however.
Tabs starter: This one works like a charm.

@skydive, I am looking for a starter that contains both the side menu as well as the tabs.

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I don’t think it currently exists.

I used this as base for my first app with these characteristics (sidemenu + tabs).

You need to see how it mounts the structure in app.js and app.html, and in the pages of the tab.

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Side menu and tabs together in one project with typescript:


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Any starter project using sidemenu and tabs that has been updated after beta 8/9 ? Thank you !

Once you open any of pages from toggle menu, tabs will disappear!

Is it possible to always have tab menu on, even when you open a page from toggle menu?

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this project doesn’t have auto-reload

I have created a tabs and menu starter:

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Another option is Ionic Super Starter which includes both the side menu and the tabs

I wrote a tutorial on how to add FontAwesome in Ionic2 and I’m using the Super Starter Template. Works like a charm

Check this awesome starter with tabs and side menu:

I liked your project but one thing these tabs and side menus are related and they are not separated. if side menus items become independent and tabs too,it is not working.

It would be really nice to see a starter that has the side menu and tabs in Ionic 3. Since you can do this with creator any plans to bring it to Ionic?

Did you check Ion2FullApp? It’s updated to Ionic 3 and has side menu and tabs.

I went by this

Very nice