Side menu not accessible from second view

since version beta 14, i can not access side menu from a second view
it is clearer with this codepen:

how should i deal with this?

<div ng-controller="AppController" on-swipe="toggleLeft()">       



Thank you
fast and clear response :smile:

Actually, this is done by default with out enable-menu-with-back-views attribute.

Determines whether the side menu is enabled when the back button is showing. When set to false, any menuToggle will be hidden, and the user cannot swipe to open the menu. When going back to the root page of the side menu (the page without a back button visible), then any menuToggle buttons will show again, and menus will be enabled again.

So in order to do things like swipe to go back, this needed to be added. The menu is disabled when there is a back view, but it can be changed.

      <ion-side-menus enable-menu-with-back-views="true">

Thanks @mhartington
with this solution, I keep the ‘native behavior of opening a side menu’: the opening follows the finger move