Anyway to disable the sidemenu in a particular page?

is there anyway to disable the sidemenu in a particular page?

as an example, at the tutorial page in the conference app the sidemenu should not be there.(suppose flash screen of the app)

is there anyway to disable it? although there is no button to trigger the sidemenu its coming up when swipe the edge.

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yeah i mentioned the same yesterday.

1 Like; this method is used to activate the default menu when there are several.
syntax should be re corrected as'menu_1', true);

I didn’t get it to work in RC0, which is why I withdrew my post. Going to try it in an empty project later

yeah but by default --> sidemenus should be disabled on child views, but you can use the drag gesture to slide it in also on child views.

Or better to say --> there should be an option/attribute/property to disable/enable a sidemenu on child views

But it takes some seconds for me and not minutes

Are there any news?
I still don’t know how to achieve this.

Depends how you want to do it, but I found the best way was to simply have two navs:

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Do you mean:

ionViewWillEnter() {
    this.menuController.enable(false, 'yourmenu');
    this.nav.swipeBackEnabled = false;

ionViewWillLeave() {
    this.menuController.enable(true, 'yourmenu');
   this.nav.swipeBackEnabled = true;


I now use this one here: