Side Menu Navigation Problem

Hi I have a problem with my app. Basically I have a sidemenu application. I have just added a 4th option to the the ion-side-menus. What should happen is that when I click this new menu option it should take me to a top level page as expected. Instead what happens is that it actually navigates on top of the previous view I am coming from. The weird thing is that on the resolve for this new view is a promise, when I swap the promise for retuning some local data. It works as expected but once i revert back to a normal $http it starts to exhibit the bug. Any ideas?

Difficult to debug without an example

Do you have menu-close on the menu option? Can you give some example code with the markup for your menu and states?

Yup but that directive is for closing the sidemenu after view select. I Have a video for you all explaining the probelm with some code.

Right, but the menu-close is also resetting the navigation stack, which will prevent the back button from showing. So I brought it up to eliminate that as the issue. If you could put together a codepen or any working example that shows this working without the resolve, but not with it, we could help more. I watched the video, but it’s easier to see the code and find the problem.

Hi brandy. I can confirm I have the menu-close on this. Does this mean that this might be the problem? The funny part is that this same code was faultless pre RC4 also when I dont resolve in the resolve and use controller, all becomes well.

I really can’t say what the problem would be without seeing a working example of the code. The menu-close directive is doing a few things: closing the sidemenu, setting the next view as the history root, and disabling the animation:

   historyRoot: true,
   disableAnimate: true,
   expire: 300

I couldn’t see anything in the code in the video that would lead me to believe this was being ignored, but there is a lot of code that I can’t see.

Yes its a very bizzare one but I i am working on a code pen on similar grounds but im not convinced the codepen will reproduce it but it should provide more info

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